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September 3, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 1

The SEC Blogger Power Poll is back at Team Speed Kills. Like many things, one week is hard to draw any definite conclusions.

  1. Alabama - The offensive line isn't nearly the train wreck as it could be, but it isn't what it was last year. That I've found a sentence to say about Alabama's downside is kinda a new thing, right?
  2. LSU - Well, looks like LSU fans can finally be worried about how many points are enough.
  3. Georgia - Lost to a good team on the road. Has some issues to deal with on the offensive line and defense but still almost won the game despite giving Clemson a gift touchdown.
  4. South Carolina - Hard to say what is a bigger deal: Clowney's conditioning or the inability to move the ball at will against a middle of the road ACC defense.
  5. Texas A&M - Looked pretty good when their starting QB was more worried about playing football than showing the world it is wrong about him. Too bad he doesn't play defense.
  6. Florida - Hey, John Brantley did ok throwi...never mind.
  7. Ole Miss - It seemed unfair to put Ole Miss over Vandy, but since they won....
  8. Vandy - One half of good football will only get you a near win over Ole Miss, y'all.
  9. Mississippi State - Played tough against a decent team. Needs to find some offense if they are going to do anything but fight to stay out of the SEC West cellar.
  10. Auburn - Hey, the more talented team won! For Malzahn's next trick, he'll find a way to get his defense to stop an offense with FBS talent.
  11. Arkansas - Probably the best team in the SunBelt.
  12. Missouri - Probably the best team in the Ohio Valley Conference.
  13. Tennessee - Firmly in the top three of all teams in the state of Tennessee.
  14. Kentucky - It's ok. Bobby Petrino has screwed an awful lot of people in his day.
Yes, I know I put Georgia third. I still think they belong there. Of course, this weekend will help sort some of that out, right?


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