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September 10, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 2

  1. Alabama - Paaaawwwllllllll, Bama aught to win the off week!
  2. Texas A&M - Old Sumlin: wizard of College Station. New Sumlin: GET OFF MY LAWN!
  3. Georgia - Georgia took South Carolina's lunch money and got their mom's number with that 8+ minute drive to end the game. 
  4. LSU - Yeah, but Zach Mettenberger never won a big game.
  5. South Carolina - Jadeveon Clowney just called Congress demanding they 'use him however they need' with this Syria thing.
  6. Florida - When your fans are hopeful about your starting QB's ankle not getting better, you've got issues.
  7. Ole Miss - Hugh Freeze really wishes Jameis Winston's momma and girlfriends needed jobs.
  8. Vandy - New Vandy pantsed the Governors. Which really sounds like a punk-ska band from Austin, if you ask me.
  9. Auburn - Even Auburn moved the ball on Washington State. 
  10. Tennessee - Hey, the Vols finally beat Petrino. 
  11. Missouri - Missouri nearly gave some MACtion. Play like that this week and the B1.5G crowd will crow about Indiana beating them.
  12. Mississippi State - Oh, there's the offense. Regretfully for Mississippi State, that win only insured they weren't the worst team in Mississippi. 
  13. Arkansas - Bret Bielema nearly found out just how welcoming folks in Arkansas are to coaches that lose to DI-AA teams. For further treatment, see Crowe, Jack.
  14. Kentucky - No truth to the rumor the Wildcats' celebration was cut short when they found it it wasn't the Hurricanes they beat last week.


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