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September 17, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 3

  1. Alabama - Yeah, but what about that offense!
  2. Georgia - Nothing to make me think they aren't better than LSU.
  3. LSU - Les Miles will let the team vote on the first play from scrimmage this week against Auburn.
  4. Texas A&M - Most exciting show in Texas, which is saying something considering the drama in Austin.
  5. South Carolina - Gamecock's offense went silent in the second half. Could we have QB controversy brewing?
  6. Florida - In what is the most ironic of all ironies, Florida looks like the stodgy old school SEC team now.
  7. Ole Miss - Careful Ole Miss fans, you are treading on Vandy territory with the "we're back talk," unless by "we're back" you mean "we're no long playing Thanksgiving weekend for first draft pick in the SEC West."
  8. Vandy - Yes, I know they beat Ole Mi...Oh.
  9. Auburn - Would Auburn still only have one win in the SEC in the past year if they played South Carolina's schedule?
  10. Missouri - Good news, a match up with Indiana can give you a good sense of how you'll do in the Independence Bowl.
  11. Arkansas - Hey, 3-0 looks great. Now, you get to play some DI teams.
  12. Mississippi State - Has played some DI teams. Did not end well. 
  13. Tennessee - They are who we thought they were.
  14. Kentucky - When a one loss SEC team gets in the BCS Championship over Louisville, Kentucky will get some $100 handshakes, if you know what I mean.


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