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September 23, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 4

  1. Alabama - I'd hate to be Ole Miss playing The Tide after they have been yelled at for six days about their performance against Colorado State.
  2. Georgia - A 20 point win might not keep the Dawg faithful happy, but if you were paying any attention, the defense got a lot better this week.
  3. LSU - No Nick Marshalls were intercepted in writing this post.
  4. Texas A&M - The Aggies better figure out their kicking thing before it ends up costing them a game.
  5. South Carolina - The off week has been spent in normal ways around Columbia. Spurrier got his grand kid kicked off doing the school announcements because 'he was mispronouncing cock.'
  6. Ole Miss - The Rebels just scored on Texas.
  7. Florida - Tough break losing Drikel, but honestly, does he need two tibulas?
  8. Vandy - Hey, New Vandy shouldn't struggle with UMass.
  9. Missouri - Big day for the B1.5G. Indiana didn't Indiana until fairly late in the game.
  10. Auburn - Honestly can't figure out if their passing game is bad because of their line play or their....HEY, Marshall just threw another INT.
  11. Mississippi State - Oh, schedule Troy first.
  12. Arkansas - Karma is a Scarlet Knight.
  13. Tennessee - In a surprise move, Butch Jones will start one of the Clausens at QB this week.
  14. Ketucky - Definitely did not lose this weekend.


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