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September 30, 2013

Sunday Morning Comes: LSU

Yeah, I know it is Monday morning, but between Saturday's epic tailgate and all the folks we had over for brunch on Sunday that turned into a full on day long mimosa fest....

Any way, I was way wrong about stopping LSU's run game. We did a great job slowing it down. We forced Mett into having to beat us. He nearly did. However, Murray decided to put cement on top of the grave that the 'Murray can't win the big game' meme was in with a 75 yard drive to win the game.

I tweeted this was the best game I've ever seen at Sanford Stadium. I still believe that. While there have been games that we might have played a more complete game in, there wasn't one that was more exciting, with the crowd in it from the beginning, with the ending like we saw. Just spectacular.
  1. The offensive line is back. At least for a game. Murray didn't get sacked. We ran for 196 yards. LSU came in with 7 sacks. They left with 7 sacks. All that against a very good Dline. They are really coming together. At least for a game.
  2. So, about the defense, part one. I couldn't have asked for better run protection. Hill got his 4.3 ypc, but with the sacks, LSU ends up with just 77 yards of rushing. Josh Harvey-Clemson, Ramik Wilson, Floyd, Matthews. Garrison Damn Smith. Welcome to the future of Georgia's defense. Except for the zone toss. They ate our lunch in goal line situations with that play. Damn. 
  3. So, about the defense, part two. And then the passing defense, right? Swann looked completely lost at times. Not sure what is going on there, but he looked worse than Langley, and it wasn't close. That drag play had too many line backers chasing and not enough covering. Our zone coverage looks broken. We end up with guys going the wrong direction, we don't play physical enough coming off the line, especially on big WRs. Our best play on obvious passing downs, right now, is to bring the house in the pass rush and force the QB to make a rushed throw. Give a QB like Mett time, he'll find a seam or something. Thankfully, we don't play another QB that good for a while. Regretfully, our pass D can make an average QB look pretty good. Oh, but we did cover the wheel route, so we have that going for us.
  4. Aaron Murray shouldn't be missing D line men dropping into coverage. Two of his three INTs are due to linemen dropping into coverage. 
  5. Special Teams are Special. If you had LSU muffing a punt, us hitting a 55 yard FG, and Beckham only getting one kick past the 30, while we didn't do any thing to help them with Special Teams, raise your hand. Yeah, you are lying.
  6. What happened to our fullbacks? No really. What happened?
The crowd was a loud as I've heard. Ever. Just an incredible game. I'll have more on the defense later in the week, by the way. 


paul465 said...

Seriously. I was more emotionally spent after this game than I was after the SEC Championship game with Alabama.

TylerDawgden said...

This game was very much like the SECCG. The good guys won, though.

CJ M said...

The Dawgs, the guts, the volume. All were above and beyond. Tom Rinaldi dubbed it an "instant classic". So true.

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