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September 15, 2013

This week's SEC meme - AWESOME OFFENSES!

Last week: SEC defenses suck. This week: OMG!1! SEC OFFENSES ARE THE AWESOMES!

This isn't about Georgia's defense or the Dawg's D being ready for prime time, but nothing about Alabama or Texas A&M makes me think a UGA vs. either match up would look different. I'll grant South Carolina's offense isn't quite what A&M or Alabama bring to the table (although I think Clemson's does), so it is dangerous to make yard for yard comparisons, however, looking at defenses against top tier competition:

Alabama: 212 vs. VaTech, 628 vs. Texas A&M
UGA: 545 vs. Clemson, 536 vs. South Carolina
Texas A&M: 568 vs. Alabama

For that matter, of the three, only one has a 4 down goal line stand when it needed it to ensure a victory. And before you get all excited about VaTech's numbers for Alabama, they only managed 99 more yards yesterday vs. Eastern Carolina (which is comparable to what ECU allowed to Florida Atlantic; Old Dominion gained 460 against ECU in the first week).

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gullyterrier . said...

The scoring is crazy.

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