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September 14, 2013

Today's viewing pleasure

Beyond Alabama and Texas A&M, I'll be looking for the following:

  • How Florida State handles Nevada's offense. By my estimation, the ACC is down to a two team race: Clemson and Florida State. They face each other in October, both likely in the top five. How they handle Nevada's super up-tempo offense will give you a good idea how they'll fare against Clemson's tempo.
  • Will Oklahoma's offense ever come back?
  • Who between Auburn and Mississippi State is looking go move out of the bottom of the SEC West?
  • Is Duke moving on up?
  • How much deck chair moving did Texas do with firing Diaz?
  • The South Carolina-Vandy game is also very interesting to me. This is a tough one. Doesn't exactly qualify as a meteor game. One one hand, a Vandy upset wouldn't hurt my feelings. On the other, South Carolina has to be looking for someone to take out their frustrations on.
What are y'all looking forward to seeing this off week.


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