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October 8, 2013

SEC Power Poll, Week 6

It took me some time to get here this week. In my mind, there are three teams (Georgia, LSU, and Texas A&M) who I think you could legitimately put in a tie for 2nd, head to heads be damned. There are also three teams (Mississippi State, Vandy, and Arkansas) that could legitimately tied for 11th. Hell, Ole Miss, and Tennessee aren't to far from those three, for that matter.
  1. Alabama - Saban is getting charitable in his old age, only scoring 45 on Georgia State. Next thing you know, he'll be loaning Georgia some of his extra running backs.
  2. Georgia - Ole meme: Who needs defense? New meme: We need defense.
  3. LSU - Mett might have the most legit argument for the Heisman in the SEC.
  4. Texas A&M - The West's version of UGA, but with fewer playmakers (at the moment).
  5. Florida - Now we'll see if they can do it on defense alone with LSU, Missouri and Georgia in the next three games.
  6. South Carolina - Screwed around and let Kentucky have life in the second half. Spurrier's got bigger problems than Clowney's rib cage, if you ask me.
  7. Missouri - Congrats, Mizzour. You are officially a member of the SEC now that you've learned "Yeah, but it's just Vandy."
  8. Auburn - Starting to look more comfortable with Malzahn's offense. 
  9. Ole Miss - Did Bo Wallace piss off Auburn, too?
  10. Tennessee - Much like the Germans at The Battle of the Bulge, they threw everything at Georgia only to come up a field goal short.
  11. Vandy - New Vandy= Old Vandy, approximately.
  12. Mississippi State - Still trying to figure out how a 2 point game became a 23 point ball game so quickly.
  13. Arkansas - Will likely head to Baton Rouge at the end of the season needing a win to go to Shreveport. 
  14. Kentucky - Score 28 on Alabama this week if you want to impress me.


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