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October 7, 2013

UGA at Vandy to be a noon Eastern kickoff on CBS

The full weekend line up for Oct 19th:

CBS12 p.m. ETGeorgia at Vanderbilt
ESPN12 p.m. ETSouth Carolina at Tennessee
SEC TV12:21 p.m. ETFlorida at Missouri
CBS3:30 p.m. ETAuburn at Texas A&M
ESPN / ESPN27 p.m. ETArkansas at Alabama
ESPN / ESPN27 p.m. ETLSU at Ole Miss

Don't forget, Nashville is on Central time. That's an 11am local kickoff.


gullyterrier . said...

Awesome. No conflicts with my son;s LL BBall game at 3:30 :-).

TylerDawgden said...

Michael Adams hates night games, or so the theory goes.....

Trey said...

All six SEC East teams playing at the same time? What fresh hell is this?

(Kentucky doesn't count, natch.)

TylerDawgden said...

Didn't even notice this. I'd completely forgotten this was the non-exclusive doubleheader weekend, though in the summer I mentioned the Vandy game could be the CBS nooner. It doesn't suprise me, at all.

CBS gets first on exclusive at 3:30, then ESPN at noon, then CBS at noon. Looking at the list, they were choosing between us and LSU. LSU's opponent beat Vandy. Vandy's opponent beat LSU. Think they just did a coin toss and the game likely to pull higher ratings at noon got picked. We have a story line with the injuries.

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