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October 19, 2013

Who gets it?

The only thing I keep thinking about is which unit is the worst: Defense or Special Teams? I get that offense has its own special issues, but Special Teams are way worse that Defense, right?

Muffed punt. Bad snaps on punts. Fake FG for TD allowed. And this isn't a new thing. Not even close. I'm not in the arena, but sometimes you don't have to be an expert to see how things are going to end. Or that you need to change your course and fast.

Just an abysmal showing. I'll get to all the other stuff, but damn.


Carlton Estes said...

I'm not going to wait for you to post the other stuff. This is embarrassing. I asked a buddy which is worse: Play-Calling, Coaching, Lack of fire from coaches, offense, defense, or special teams? It's pathetic. Nobody on our schedule is scared to play us. Not even Vanderbilt. They'd at least be a little scared to play Bama. We don't make any team shake in their boots. We're the only team that can be up 13 at half to Vandy and lose. Or up 17-3 against Tennessee and almost lose. Why? Why are we so pathetic? We're becoming Mississippi State and that's not good. If it were up to me, I'd probably get rid of everyone except CTG. At least he has some emotion. His coaching sucks, but he's at least passionate. Three straight 3 and outs in the 2nd half...let's run the delayed give up the middle on 3rd and 8. Does that not get old to anybody else? Does CMR not have a convo with CMB ever? Pathetic! Also, look at the atmosphere at Clemson last night. Ever see that at UGA? Maybe for a 30 second stretch then it's back to be yelled at to sit down. Maybe at least App St. is scared to play us. We'll see. Bama beat Arky 52-0 yesterday...could you ever imagine UGA doing that? I can't.

Bobby said...

Th injuries have exposed the ineptitude of our coaching staff. As CEO CMR bears all the responsibility. Special teams. HA!!! Conditioning?? offensive play calling. A joke. defense. Awful. Team focus. None. Passion. Zero. All the head coaches job. John Copper got fired for less.

Bobby said...

I could not agree more about the fan base. You get looked at funny if you stand and cheer. I asked a student if he was happy winning 11 games a year and going to Orlando and he said yes. The entire fan base is hypnotized by CMR's belief system. His job is to WIN FOOTBALL GAMES. If he wants to make men then he needs to go open a camp somewhere in north Georgia.

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