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November 29, 2013

3 Questions: Georgia Tech

  1. Hutson Mason, right? Future is now, y'all. I hope all of you that were ready to bench Murray 'to get ready for next year' are happy. Nothing against Mason, but damn. Hutson, you are our only hope. 
  2. Is this a game for the defense to shine? Isn't Tech still one of the top teams in the nation running the ball? [checks Tech's website/sees Paul Johnson still coaching/assumes they run for 350+yards per game]. But they rely more on ball control than running. They are second in the nation in time of possession. While that can be a double edged sword, we've shown a maddening propensity to allow teams to just move methodically down the field on us like the pecks of a thousand swallows. Or something. We need stops. Not five yard stops, but Stops. In the back field. We need Johnson thinking he has to throw some early. 
  3. Because when Vad Lee has to throw, Tech loses.  Lee has thrown more than 20 times three times this season, all losses. More importantly, his passer rating goes down steadily into the forth quarter. He's most effective in the 2nd quarter, as that is after they've established that maddening leg crippling cut back blocking led dive play. If we put the game in Vad Lee's hands, we are doing something right.
Tech is going to score points because [fill in with some snark about Georgia's defense in 2013]. The key is UGA scoring points at a clip that makes the Delicate Genius feel like he's got to get creative, combined with slowing their offense enough to give him fear of running out of time to give Mark Bradley a stiffy.



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