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November 22, 2013

3 questions: Kentucky

  1. Will we play sharp? For some reason, the Kentucky game has represented all that the part of the fan base that wants Richt gone points to. We have looked uninspired, sloppy, and unprepared, leaning on the talent gap to pull away late (and in some cases not at all) for the past several seasons, it seems like. We have a double whammy with the Auburn loss and how we lost last week hanging over the program. I'm not concerned about losing to Kentucky. I'm concerned about not showing up because we are not interested in not getting beat.
  2. How bad is Kentucky? Well, I don't think they are worse than Arkansas. They've played some decent teams close (think Louisville). That talent gap I talked about is huge here. It got bigger with those suspensions.
  3. Will we be able to work on some stuff for Tech? Honestly, I want us to jump out to a big lead and allow Murray and the rest of the seniors to walk off the field to applause. More importantly, I want Murray and company to get some serious reps getting used to each other. Winning the next two games and whatever pre-NYD bowl we play in is important to me and them. Winning and getting right for Tech is a huge part of that.


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