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November 18, 2013

Faint praise for Grantham

Richt didn't exactly go to bat for Grantham when given the chance:
"The bottom line is at Georgia we're a team and we win together and lose together. We're always watching film after every game to make sure we make corrections on offense, defense and special teams."
This was in response to a question about the defensive staff's performance. I'll grant youth being part of the equation this season, but youth is also at the feet of the coaches, when you think about how little rotation was done last year (or has been done this year, especially among the linebackers). And the lack of competent tackling this year.

When you add in how the stats are going to end up this season, we are looking at the worst defensive performance of the last 20 years. Grantham is in the last year of his contract, according to Chip Towers in the linked article. I wouldn't bet on him getting another multi-year deal at this point.

I'm not sure where I saw that about Grantham, but he got a three year contract in summer of 2012, meaning he is mid-way through year two. That obviously changes things.


Nolan Wells said...

You wouldn't bet on him getting a multi-year extension....but what are the chances he gets a year long extension? Or do you think his contract is just not renewed? Or that he finds work elsewhere?

TylerDawgden said...

Not sure. I just feel pretty confident he'll not get a multi-year deal. I can see scenarios that include multiple years with performance based no buyout provisions (essentially series of one year deals), but I still wouldn't bet on even that.

Nolan Wells said...

So, he definitely gets retained now, right? I'm hearing a positional coach will be the one sacrificed.

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