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November 12, 2013

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 12

Ok. Here we go:

  1. Alabama - I could just sop Nick Saban's coaching job up with a biscuit. Incredible how his team just keep getting better every week.
  2. Missouri - Administered an appropriate level of smack down on Kentucky.
  3. Auburn - Remember when we all thought LSU was going to hammer Auburn? Good times. 
  4. Texas A&M - Boy, that defense is going to coast Kevin Sumlin a job at USC if they aren't careful.
  5. Georgia - Played their best second half of football in a month. Too bad it was App State.
  6. South Carolina - This weeks game against Florida feels like such a trap game.
  7. LSU - Tigers best win is Auburn. Only reason they are ranked above Ole Miss.
  8. Ole Miss - Yes, I know they beat LSU, but I'm giving the Tigers the benefit of the doubt for losing three on the road. And beating Auburn.
  9. Vanderbilt - Vandy is the beneficiary of two important cultural shifts: Florida's slide into offensive ineptitude and targeting penalties. 
  10. Florida - Charlie Weis is just laughing and counting his money at this point.
  11. Mississippi State - I really wanted to put them higher. Then I looked at their stats and record.
  12. Tennessee - If you can't say something nice....
  13. Kentucky - They are going to slip up and be leading into the 4th quarter one of these days.
  14. Arkansas - Played their best game since the loss at Rutgers. Still looked like Rutgers would beat them.
Jesus, take the wheel. This was hard. I spent a legit 1.5 hours looking at stats. When you blast my selections, remember I might still be in a tender state.


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