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December 3, 2013

SEC Power Poll, Week Omega

  1. Missouri - Gary Pinkel is very much doing Gary Pinkel things. The surprising thing is how good their defense is.
  2. Auburn - I seriously believe Gus Malzahn also plays the blues like nobodies business, but he'll have hell to pay for it later.
  3. Alabama - A fluke play still can't fix the fact that The Process didn't account for something.
  4. South Carolina - The best 10 win team in the nation.
  5. LSU - I don't know how you nearly lose to Arkansas if you are LSU. 
  6. Georgia - Nothing against Georgia Tech, but bwahahahahahaa.
  7. Texas A&M - Texas A&M is just Georgia, but never had all the offensive talent in the first place.
  8. Vandy - What Franklin has done at Vandy is quite impressive. He needs to look at Jim Grobe and how he handled his career after peaking. 
  9. Mississippi State - I struggled with putting them above Ole Miss, despite the win. Then I considered Dan Mullen's coaching job Thursday night and decided I had no choice.
  10. Ole Miss - Hugh Freeze got out coached. Dr. Bo didn't help.
  11. Florida - I'm surprised only two coaches got booted.
  12. Tennessee - Not to put too fine a point on this, but the Vols are definitely where they should be.
  13. Arkansas - Showed a shocking amount of pluck against LSU. 
  14. Kentucky - Kentucky is better coached than they used to be. They are also still very out talented.
It has gotten easier, but it still isn't easy. Many thanks to Brandon Larabee at Garnet and Black Attack for hosting and all his work on the poll this season.


noladawg said...

Just 3 picks for this week? Fun office pools won't let y'all pick conference championship games?

TylerDawgden said...

No. I forgot to set the lineup. I'll reset it and sent a note. Thanks.

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