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December 8, 2013

The SEC has evolved?

Give me a break:
Holy hot garbage, the Twitter hate for the SEC was stunning during the SEC Championship Game on Saturday. Everybody wanted to pile on because of the lack of defense in the title game. Uh, people, it has been this way all season. The SEC has EVOLVED which is why for the eighth year in a row it has a team in the BCS National Championship Game.
No the SEC defenses aren't as good as they have been. Of course, Dooley picked up on that, too:
The conference lost a lot of defensive talent to the NFL and offenses took over this year. It’s not like Missouri (53rd) or Auburn (75th) came into the game with a high national ranking defensively.
It's ok if you don't like that folks. After all, you should get with it. Defense is as passe as flip phones or short midriff jerseys. If you don't think so, you are a "Fidiot (football idiot)."

Call me a Fidiot, then. Was the score fest fun last night for average TV viewers? Sure. But it isn't the football that I like to see. I guess that isn't why I'm an Auburn fan (make that reason number 112 or so).



David said...

+1 for the Robert Earl Keen reference

Justin said...

It's simply...Until the SEC loses a national championship game, the SEC Champion should get the nod in the even of a tie.

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