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January 28, 2014

AJC on Tech's case

In case you missed it (as the AJC almost did). Tech's S&C coach participated in summer workouts, netting the Jackets a 12 minute dock in fall practice time for football.  The better part? Tech actually filmed the violation and produced a video showing it happening:
You may remember that the football team produced a web series prior to the season, titled “The Process.” You may also remember some of the episodes spotlighting the team’s summer workouts. It turns out that a video promoting Tech ended up capturing a violation.
In it, strength coach John Sisk was shown talking to the team prior to a workout and, according to the violation report submitted to the ACC, threatened consequences for players who were late.
Which do you think would have happened first if UGA had done this:

  1. Tech fan meltdown over 'all them cheaters' in Athens and humblebrags over which Stingtalk regular spotted the violation and reported it? OR
  2. The AJC's exposé on UGA's culture of no control over [FILL IN THE BLANK]. 
For my money, it'd be number 2.


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