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January 3, 2014


Being part of something as special as the Georgia Bulldog football team has it's price. One of those is dealing with the lunatics who would roll and egg a house. Another is message board/twitter dummies.

If you don't think Arthur Lynch takes the drops in the Gator Bowl harder than you did, there is no hope for you as a human being. If you are still hard hearted and wish ill on him, I've got nothing. Both of you are case examples, one class and what being a Georgia Bulldog is about, the other is the total lack thereof.


TylerDawgden said...

For my money, undersigning in 2012 is the bigger issue. That and our defensive coach's inability to find a rotation that he feels comfortable with.

SentientDawg said...

Interesting -- thanks for the insight.

jfallin said...

recruiting revisiting down the road is always fascinating to me, that tells a drastic tale of how bad our depth is.

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