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January 16, 2014

Clean Slate for Pruitt

I like Olivadotti and Wilson. However, if you were interested in the DC job, didn't get it, and were offered an opportunity to move on for a bit more money, wouldn't you?

Wilson is going to Southern Cal. While he has DC experience (Mississippi State), he was relieved of DC duties during the season, then dismissed from the staff. I think he was a good add for Georgia to replace Garner and certainly was an improvement in the coaching and teaching side of the house.

Olivadotti is headed back to the Redskins. I really like him and love how the Bulldog Nation embraced his daughter Kasyn during her battle for cancer. In my mind, this is the bigger loss of the two.

Now, Jeremy Pruitt gets a clean slate to build his own staff. Of course, I'd put one name out there immediately: Ed Orgeron.  I've joked a bit about his recruiting prowess, but he is also a very good position coach. But seriously, he's already got the Glengarry leads and enough coffee to make Seattle nervous.

I'd be surprised if we don't have a Dline and at least one LB coach brought in pretty quickly. If I'm Pruitt, I have Randy Shannon on speed dial right now. Same goes for Manny Diaz and Charles Kelly. He could go with one LB coach and have separate line and D-end coaches, which is what he had at FSU.

Who'd you like to see brought in?


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