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January 18, 2014

Dawgs take on Hogs in hoops

After a little come to Earth time on Tuesday, Coach Fox's hounds take on Arkansas today at Stegeman at 1:30pm. The bad news is Arkansas is a tough basketball team, who beat Kentucky at home this week in overtime. Their only losses are to two of the better teams in the conference in Florida and Texas A&M.

They look a lot like Missouri, except they are more disciplined with the ball. And in fouling. Missouri has more talent; Arkansas is better coached in game.

For the Dawgs to win, we have to be hot from outside. We can't try to run with them. And we have to shut down the lane like we did at Missouri. If we get off over a third fewer shots than our opponent in the first half like we did in Gainesville, we are in for a long afternoon.

Tip is at 1:30pm. TV coverage will be on SEC-TV. Full station list is here.


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