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January 22, 2014

Dawgs take on South Carolina in Men's Hoops at 8pm

A bit of a barometer game. Much in the way the Florida game told us we weren't nearly ready to compete with the upper echelon of teams of the SEC (as much as the SEC has an 'upper echelon), this game against South Carolina will tell us if the 3-1 start in the conference has been a mirage.

The Gamecocks come in similarly ranked in RPI (142 to our 127) and in the W-L column (7-10 to our 9-7), but are 0-4 in the conference. Our only common opponent is Florida, who soundly defeated the Gamecocks in Gainesville.

If we come out and win soundly at home, we can legitimately start thinking about Georgia being a team that could to +.500 in the conference and snag an NIT bid. Struggle or lose and it is harder to see a way to get there absent some crazy stuff going down.

Tip is 8pm tonight at Stegeman. SECTV will carry the game; a full station list can be found here.


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