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January 25, 2014

Dawgs take on Wildcats at Rupp

Usually, all of the talk about the SEC being down starts with how Kentucky is doing, and this year is no exception. Funny thing, the Wildcats aren't down. They just aren't leading the league right now thanks to a loss at Arkansas that saw the Hogs play their very best game of the year. 

However, Georgia and Kentucky come in tied for second place in the SEC at 4-1. That is the only similarity between these two teams' seasons. Kentucky is 12th in the RPI. Their losses are to RPI #2 Michigan State, as well as Baylor and North Carolina, who are both around 50 in RPI.

Plus, this game is in Lexington. 

In the end, this game doesn't break Georgia's season. Even if Georgia were having a spectacular season, it'd be hard to circle a game in Lexington as a win. However, Georgia has traditionally played very good games against Kentucky, including a win in Athens last year that was responsible for UK not making the NCAA tourney. 

Get that kind of win in Lexington today, they we can start thinking about the NIT.

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