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January 23, 2014

Kelly promoted to DC; Sunseri to Associate Head Coach at FSU

FSU has ended any hope I had that Pruitt would get the band back together in Athens. For the record, I think hiring Kelly, who was their second choice, is a great move. He was going to get a another shot at being DC somewhere. Soon. That move allows the Seminoles the one of the best opportunities for continuity in the scheme and with recruiting.

The more intriguing move is naming Sal Sunseri Associate Head Coach. Looking at experience, you'd think Sunseri would be the more likely choice for the DC position. Except his experience as DC (at Tennessee under Dooley) wasn't so joyous. By giving him that title, Fisher have greater latitude in bumping his salary. He also keeps Sunseri from looking about, provided he wanted the DC job at FSU.

My guess is Sunseri told Fisher that he'd stay for a title and money bump.


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Alkaline said...

Our 4 wins have come against teams 9, 10, 11, and 14 in the current SEC standings with the loss coming while visiting #1 (and a likely loss visiting 2 on Saturday). We're decidedly average, and that's a huge improvement. I'm actually excited that we've got real potential to be at least within a game or two of .500 in conference for the year.

Carter_Burger67 said...

We play UK like we played the 'Cocks, and we are looking at an upset. When they play aggressive, like they've done the last few games, they have won. Play aggressive against UK and we'll take that game, too.

TylerDawgden said...

South Carolina will end up 14th. Missouri and Arkansas will end up 6-10th. Who knows where Alabama will end up.

I was firmly convinced we'd be in a tickle fight with South Carolina and Auburn for 14th. That we are staring at .500 and a single digit finish in the conference is crazy.

TylerDawgden said...

Paul, I'm with you on this. The terrible play in the out of conference schedule has us in a tough place. I think we have to at least go 12-6, and probably need 13-5, to make the NIT. That includes a win in the SECT.

Donte and Neme both have stepped up their games. How much of that is coaching? I'd hope it has some to do with it.

If we go 22-14, it'll be hard to see how the folks that need to make the stink necessary for McGarity to make the move to actually make that stink.

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