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January 14, 2014

Why Pruitt and Kirby aren't coming

By Paul Westerdawg
Preface: I would love to be wrong.

Update: Well...literally 3 min after I hit submit on this...Schlabach and Towers both say we got Pruitt.  I'm dying of curiosity.  Will believe it when I see the press conference.

I just don't see how we get Pruitt or Smart.

There is only one way we get Pruitt...we have to offer him so much money that the FSU university president has a heart attack and pukes on keeping him while our own University President would have to NOT have a heart attack at that same dollar figure.  There's no other way.

Jimmy Sexton is leaking these names, and he's probably doing it through other football coaches who call writers and boosters.  It's brilliant.  The rising tide of salaries lifts all boats.

Why would FSU let Pruitt go? Why would Pruitt want to leave?  FSU is an easier job. It just is.  That guy is about to get a massive, massive pay raise because FSU can afford.  Why would they ever let him leave unless he and Jimbo absolutely hate each other?  It simply doesn't make sense.

As for Kirby Smart, the only way Kirby is leaving Alabama is if he flat out doesn't want to be at Bama anymore.  That's not a money thing, and it doesn't require a counter offer delay.  He would be on campus already waiting on his state employment clearance background check to clear already.

If Bama wants to match any offer, they will and can. Saban would have to be done with Kirby's flirtations with us and just let him walk. Like I said, if that were going to would've happened already.

The tip that the Kirby rumor was false was the idea that we'd also get Scott Cochran in some sort of amazing two for one scenario.  Cochran makes ~$500k to Joe Tereshinski's ~$200k.  You really think Mark Richt and Greg McGarity are going to fire Joe T and  offer Cochran and Kirby a mountain of cash and that Bama isn't going to match...either one?  I will believe it when I see it.

Sexton is clowning UGA and FSU.   The only way I'm wrong about that is if McGarity finally woke up and got of his wallet and President Jere Morehead bought into it.  If that's the case, we are in for a new era of UGA Athletics.

Until then, welcome to Charlie Brown's Athletic Department.



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