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February 9, 2014

Dawgs beat Aggies

Paging yet another Dawgs basketball team. This time, we won despite not playing our sharpest game.

On a night Georgia didn't have much going right, we still pull out a win 62-50. We certainly were helped by A&M's poor 3pt shooting (1-19), but we struggled with shot selection and took 12 fewer shots than the Aggies. While acknowledging A&M is a good defensive team, there were times when we looked like we did two years ago when our offense was dribble until KCP was open or throw up an off balance 26 footer at two on the time clock.

Still we picked up a strong defensive game from Donte while three players were in triple figures.

Also of note, and something to keep an eye on, every Georgia player that got into the game got ten points. This was basically the rotation Fox went with during the 4-1 start to conference play. The Dawgs are currently tied with LSU and Tennessee for fourth in the conference. We are one game behind Ole Miss. Two of our next three games are against the Vols and the Rebel Bears.

Get one of the top four seeds in the SEC tourney, and we don't have to play until Friday in Atlanta. I still think we don't have any chance of making a tourney unless we win the SEC tourney absent something crazy happening (like going 7-1 or better from here on out).



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