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February 4, 2014

Dream Team: 3 years later

Only if you are saying because they haven't won multiple Heisman Trophies National Championships.

Big John Jenkins is now in the NFL with the Saints. Now to those who aren't going pro (yet) in sports:

  • Isaiah Crowell - The jewel in the crown of the class. Bulldog puppies. A whole new hat line. And all the baggage. Then summer. Pot. Weapons. Not my car. Transfer to Alabama State.
  • Nick Marshall - Gentleman thief and Auburn quarterback extraordinaire. You wouldn't know it from coverage of Auburn's season, but he got kicked off of Georgia's team for not being a very good team mate. 
  • Quintavious Harrow - Q, Crowell's team mate from Carver, failed out of school after Crowell took off.
  • Sanford Seay and Chris Sanders - The two that didn't fit into Auburn's scheme and narrative. Seay just started at Louisiana Tech. Sanders got booted off Georgia Millitary and is out west playing JUCO ball.  
  • Kent Turene - Didn't qualify. Still hasn't. Now at Marshall.
Every school has these type of things happen. That three of the best athletes got kicked off the team because players that steal from team mates together stay together is a bit of a blow, but it was the right decision. Same goes for Crowell. 

No starts
  • Watts Dantzler - No starts but plenty of playing time. We can debate how that is working out later.
  • Zach DeBell - Played in one game this season. 
  • Hunter Long - Played in twice as many games as DeBell this season.
  • Xavier Ward - Played in six games in 2012. Red shirt this season.
  • Nathan Theus - Got fired as the long snapper this season. 
  • Devin Bowman - Played in nine games this season. Had a start in 2012.
  • Christian LeMay - Transferring after falling behind walk-on Parker Welch on the depth chart.
There is some sort of commentary here that the first four here are offensive linemen. While part of these guys not getting starts is a testament to the depth we have on the line. Not that it mean much this season. 

  • Ramik Wilson - Led the conference in tackles this season after playing behind Alex Ogletree last year.
  • Amarlo Herrera - Has over 30 starts and over 100 career tackles.
  • Damian Swann - Has 28 starts and four interceptions.
  • David Andrews - Has 27 starts and is the most consistent offensive lineman we have while playing center.
  • Malcolm Mitchell - His 18 starts and 1200+ yards of receiving has been tempered by his injuries. If he manages to play a whole season, has the potential to be an All-American at receiver.
  • Chris Conley - Has played in 23 games, with 6 starts. Led the team in receiving this season.
We can debate some of their contributions, but this group has double digit starts and are team leaders.

  • Sterling Bailey - 8 starts.
  • Ray Drew - 7 starts.
  • Corey Moore - 7 starts.
  • Chris Mayes - 8 starts.
  • Justin Scott-Wesley - 4 starts.
  • Jay Rome - 1 start and heir apparent to Artie Lynch at TE. 
Several in this group took red shirts and will likely be key players in 2014. I'm looking at you Jay Rome and Justin Scott-Wesley. And Ray Drew. Especially Ray Drew.

As I posted yesterday, this class was also the one that showed Richt is still a tough recruiter and willing to change in order to right the ship after the debacle of 2010.


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