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February 2, 2014

Garrison Smith: DGD

If you don't follow Garrison on Twitter, you are missing out on a genuine human being and a funny dude. I've long thought he'd make a great football coach.

Apparently, he does, too:
As for himself, Smith is planning to give the NFL a full go. Depending on the draft projections you call up, he’s generally listed as a late-rounder or possible free agent.
But Smith’s not spending much time sweating it. In fact, he said whatever he ends up doing it will only be temporary until he fills his true calling.
“When my NFL career is over, I’ll be the permanent D-line coach at UGA,” Smith said. “Go ahead and plant that seed. I’m a Dawg for life!”
The other part of the article has to do with Smith's thoughts on the players who will need to step up on the line. Good read.



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