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February 13, 2014

Slow down causes injury?

Not sure if it is causal or simply coincidence, but Dave Bartoo at cfbmatrix finds teams running slower offenses in 2012 had the most time lost to injuries. Interesting.


Reverend Whitewall said...

About the only legitimate cases I can think of to throw 2 flags involve late hits. In Ramik's case, the targeting WAS the unnecessary roughness (in the eyes of the official), so it wouldn't make sense to throw two flags.

However, in Ray Drew's case, let's say for the sake of argument that the targeting was wrong, but let's say he was a second or so later on the hit, clearly long after the ball was gone. If a scenario like that happened, then it was also a late hit on the QB. In that case, it makes sense to essentially throw two flags. Even if the late hit wasn't worthy of a targeting penalty, it could still be justifiably considered a late hit.

And I guess it's possible something like that could happen with another player along the sideline, if he was clearly out of bounds when he took the hit, you could justifiably call penalties for both the targeting and the late hit.

But here's the logic defying part.......if two penalties are called, and both are upheld, shouldn't that be 30 yards in penalties? From what I'm reading, if the targeting is upheld, they would essentially ignore the 2nd penalty, which doesn't make much logical sense. It's either 2 penalties or it's not.

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