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March 26, 2014

But we *are* spending money on basketball

I get what Schlabach is saying to UGA fans. But I'd say that the UGA fans complaining are the ones spending money on basketball. While I'm glad we didn't finish where I thought we would, I've also been very clear on looking at the NIT as some sort of win.

As for institutional $$, how's that $92M Auburn spent for a new arena working out for Tony Barbee?


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Alkaline said...

Fox did as good a job as any SEC coach during this conference season outside of Billy Donovan. He should be on the hot seat if we don't get a NCAA bid next year, though. our goal should be competing for SEC titles, and being competitive against OOC power opponents. We managed one of those this year (by earning the double-by) for the first time in a decade. Need to take care of both next year.

Dubbayoo said...

I don't like Fox any more than the next guy but have any of the other coaches we wanted done better? Seems like we wanted Anthony Grant from Bama too.

Stegosaurus said...

Barbee? Not well. Pearl? It's pretty clear the $ Auburn is pumping into the program was a big factor in his decision to move to the Plains. (I know that's not the ideal path, but it landed them an upgrade nonetheless.)

TylerDawgden said...

Absent a wholesale change in approach, I fear Pearl will eat our lunch recruiting and creating excitement for his program.

Stegosaurus said...

Right there with ya

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