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March 12, 2014

SEC Tourney Starts Tonight

If you don't think that double bye means something, check out the odds from Bovada for the SEC Tourney:

SEC Tournament - Odds to Win
Florida 2/3
Kentucky 3/1
Tennessee 4/1
Georgia 16/1
Arkansas 16/1
Missouri 25/1
LSU 25/1
Ole Miss 33/1
Alabama 50/1
Vanderbilt 100/1
Texas A&M 250/1
Auburn 500/1
South Carolina 500/1
Mississippi State 500/1

Still, Georgia at 16/1 seems....steep. Catching the same odds as a team that has to play one more game and play through Tennessee at 4/1 and Florida at 2/3. I'll look at UGA's NCAA tourney scenrios tomorrow, but they aren't great outside of winning the whole thing.



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