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April 16, 2014

No Kool-aid for you!

I read this last night and was stunned:
"Well first of all I didn't want to give any awards," Pruitt said. "But that's what they've been doing here at Georgia, so that's what we did."
As excited as I am over a coach calling it like it is, this is....different. I posted the awards yesterday, but Pruitt wasn't in the mood to discuss how Wilson and Green did in the Spring:
Pruitt was asked about Ramik Wilson being named the defensive MVP, and J.J. Green winning the hustle award."To me, those awards are spring awards," Pruitt said. "I mean those two guys may end up being starters, leaders or whatever, or they may not play. That'll be up to them until they end up in fall camp."
Even coach Richt is picking up this a bit with his comments about Tray Matthews' hamstring. It looks like a brave new world in Athens. Now, if Will Friend will only come clean about the offensive line....



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