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May 19, 2014

SEC releases full conference schedule for next ? years

Coach Mike Bobo will lead the Dawgs into College Station in 2024 against new head coach Gus Malzahn's (after a very non-productive four seasons coaching the Dallas Cowboys) Fighting Texas Aggies.

Or whatever. I give this until 2017 before we are at 9 games.
Quick and dirty of UGA schedule through 2023:


Rudy said...

Just throwing this out but get rid of the divisions. Play a continually rotating schedule of eight or nine games a year. At the end of the year, have a CCG of the best team against the worst. The best will rarely lose greasing the skids into the 64 team playoff. The lost will not cost the conference in the playoffs. The second best (some years) team in the conference will no be sent to Tampa or Shreveport for losing the CCG.

Dawg in Beaumont said...

Disagree, Rudy. That would mean we wouldn't play Florida and Auburn every year, and in some years would play neither. It wouldn't be a UGA season without a game against Florida or Auburn, God forbid without a game against either.

Rudy said...

I have thought about that but at my age, it is a relief to all the AU folks in my hometown, and the occasional gator. When all is said and done in another round of TV contracts, we may not be playing AU every year and FL could be home and home.

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