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June 4, 2014

Thinking further about Matthews

One thing that keeps bouncing around in my head spaces is how Matthews just insta-posted that he was transferring to Louisville or Auburn, seemingly within 15 minutes of getting fired. Now, it my be all conspiracy brother of me, but how does he know they'll take him (please suppress your laughter)? Have they been in touch with Matthews already?

Even with Georgia's liberal transfer policy, those coaches are going to talk to Mark Richt and company. They have the unvarnished, though other side's, view of the dismissal.

Then there is this (which has been deleted):
It's not us it's THEM— Shaquille Wiggins (@ShaqWiggins6) June 03, 2014
Followed by this:
So, I go back to my original point, what did Matthews do to get such a terse statement out of Mark Richt? You can bet it is both optically worse than double cashing checks and something that has happened before.


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