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July 9, 2014

Football ticket cutoffs announced

This is nearly three weeks earlier than last year. Clemson was the hold up last year, as they didn't let us know how many tickets we'd have up there until late July. Keep in mind that some things will be announced later, most importantly Florida tickets, with is pending until we knowing exactly how many tickets we'll have due to the redesign of Everbank Field.

Also, there was some Twitter discussion about Tennessee returnging tickets this year, which has to be the first time in 30+ years. Although, that isn't as surprising as Tennessee returning tickets for their trip to Alabama last year.

It should be noted that demand was a fair amount higher than last season. I can think of some reasons why, but about half of those start with Todd Gurley.

Season tickets: 1001 total priority points and a $250 per seat this year. No non-renewable adjacent tickets were filled. Last season, you only had to make the $250 per seat contribution. Also, adjacent seats orders were filled.

Single Game Home Tickets:
Clemson - 43,040 and higher
Tennessee - 291,750 and higher
Troy, Vandy, Charleston Southern, and Tech - All orders were filled.
Last year, the highest cutoff was 30,000 for LSU tickets

Away Tickets:
Missouri and Kentucky - All orders were filled.
South Carolina and Arkansas - To be determined by July 31st pending final allocation.

Faculty Staff Season Tickets - Faculty/Staff who ordered with a priority level between 1A-35F and 36F with order date received thru 4/27/14 will receive tickets.
Single Home Game Tickets - All faculty/staff who ordered will receive tickets.
Away Tickets - To be determined.

Also: Season Tickets are available at our ticket partner, starting in the $690 range for a season ticket. Regular game tickets are available by clicking the links on the schedule to the right.



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