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July 13, 2014

Impact Freshmen

I'll do a full break down later this month, but I was chatting last night with my dad about guys coming in and we spent a good hour talking about which player will have the most immediate impact for UGA. He was all about Nick Chubb, and Chubb is quite the impressive player. However, unless he is literally Herschel Walker, I don't see him unseating Todd Gurley as the feature RB.

In that regard, he has the opportunity to be impressive, but won't have that impact I'm thinking of. We also discussed Malkom Parrish on defense, because my dad loves the South Georgia players.

While I'm late to the ball game (at least online), I'm all in on Isaiah McKenzie. If he's competent at fielding punts and can hold onto the ball, he's a game changer. We haven't had someone in that role in a while. We are the school of the Grayhound. Fair Catch University. We were next to last in return yards per punt in the nation last year, with 25 returns. That is a whole lot of fair catches.

This is what we are getting:

I'm with everyone else. Give me fifteen yards up field and change the mentality from 'don't screw up' to 'make something good happen,' and that is impact.

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