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July 22, 2014

Tennessee struggling with ticket sales

This isn't exactly on the four cokes, four hot dogs, and all the football you can stomach, but it isn't good for an athletic department that is $1brazilian* in debt.

The last time they had what amounts to a Neyland seat open house, it was 2010, which was Dooley's first season. I haven't seen numbers, but based on thier website, it isn't good:

  • Orange & White Package - Choose Florida or Alabama and 2 other games
  • Rocky Top Package - Choose the 3 games you want to attend for $99 - choose from Arkansas State, Chattanooga, Kentucky or Missouri
  • Single Game Tickets for Utah State, Arkansas State, Chattanooga, Kentucky, and Missouri.
  • Away Game Tickets for South Carolina and Vanderbilt

  • Remember, they also sent back tickets to us for their game here in Athens on September 27th. Butch Jones might have bigger problems than getting talent to come to Knoxville.


    TEXAS DAWG said...

    Auburn or Louisville as his landing spot? The betting is open.

    Dubbayoo said...

    Defense; he's going to Louisville.

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