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July 29, 2014

2014 ESPN Game Day Predictions, Weeks 1-5

Until ESPN confirms sites, all of this is speculation. I have listed the all known networks and times and all times listed below are Eastern. If I didn't list a time and/or network, it is because I couldn't find information on it. As usual, the go to for information on college football broadcast times and networks is

I'll assume, unless it is just a really, really compelling match up, GameDay will be at a WWL broadcast game (ABC/ESPN) site.

Week 1 (August 30)
Prediction: Georgia at Clemson (5:30pm, ABC)
Not a lock, but it is close. FSU vs. Oklahoma State could trump that, with FSU being the reigning National Champs, but they'll get some other chances, notably in week 4 with Clemson coming to town.
Other Candidates: FSU vs. Oklahoma State (8pm, ABC); LSU vs. Wisconsin (9pm, ESPN).

Week 2 (September 6)
Prediction: USC at Stanford (3:30pm, ABC)
Going off the charts here with a Pac-12 game. Yes, it is early...12:30 local. Oh, I have Michigan State at Oregon as my second choice.
Other Candidates: Michigan State at Oregon (5:30pm, Fox); Virginia Tech at Ohio State (7pm, ESPN)

Week 3 (September 13)
Prediction: Tennessee at Oklahoma (8pm, ESPN/ABC)
USC at Boston College could end up making the cut if they aren't in week 2. Also, if Tennessee is a dumpster fire, it is possible ESPN does one of their crazy wildcard picks with this week.
Other Candidates: USC at Boston College (8pm, ESPN/ABC); Georgia at South Carolina (3:30, CBS)

Week 4 (September 20)
Prediction: Clemson at FSU (TBA)
Actually, this is a great week for football. Miami at Nebraska might sneak in here, but it isn't 1989.
Other Candidates: Miami at Nebraska (8pm, ESPN/ABC); Florida at Alabama (TBA); Oregon at Washington State (TBA)

Week 5 (September 27)
Prediction: Notre Dame vs. Syracuse (TBA)
This week is a bit of a toss up. There aren't any rivalry games. The match-ups are very record dependent at this point in the season. I went with location here. This game will be in East Rutherford at Giant's Stadium, so it wouldn't surprise me if they do something with NYC in the background, or actually broadcast from Time Square, since that is so close to East Rutherford. It isn't unprecedented. They did Game Day from the USS San Diego for a Navy game a couple of years back.
Other Candidates: Missouri at South Carolina (TBA), Stanford at Washington (TBA), Oregon State at USC (TBA), Colorado at Cal (TBA); Arkansas vs. Texas A&M (TBA); Duke at Miami (TBA)

I'll do weeks 6-10 and 11-15 later.


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