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August 29, 2014

About last night...

South Carolina endured a very swift and far fall from pre-season SEC East favorite at the hands of Texas A&M. What does that mean for Georgia? Well, we are 1/2 game up on them, for one. Look for Spurrier to renew his call for division games to matter more, I guess. Though he's got bigger issues than the division race right now.

Or Texas A&M is going to win the west by 22 games. Mike Slive is looking like a genius going after the Aggies, because no one but Longhorn fans remembers when they were a perennially underachieving Big12 team.

And then there is Vanderbilt. Damn. James Franklin really was a genius. Losing by 30 at home to Temple?

Of course, there is plenty of football left to be played, but Missouri, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia (and hell, Kentucky) has to feel pretty good right now about what happened in Nashville and Columbia last night.

Schadenfreude tweet of the day:
GATA, y'all.


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