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August 28, 2014

Clemson fans already spotted in Athens

7am Saturday can't come soon enough.


Joseph Paul Bryant said...

I am planning to get on campus early but have never not had a parking pass.. where is the best place I can tailgate if I get there at 7. I need somewhere with plenty of free parking around so that the rest of my tailgate crew can park in the area. Thanks in advance

Russ said...

USC is an embarrassment to the state of South Carolina...and that takes some doing. Last time I was there was years ago when a male (certainly wasn't a man) USC fan threatened to beat up the bus full of wives of coaches and staff, all because their bus dared to park where it blocked the jackass's view of the stadium.

Oh, and my first time there when yelling "Go Dawgs!" I was immediately challenged to a fight. Calling them red necks is an insult to red necks everywhere.

TylerDawgden said...

The problem isn't parking at 7am, it is parking at 10am for stragglers in your crew. I'd park out near intramural fields. Plenty of space, UGA runs buses to and from stadium, and there is usually parking out that way.

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