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August 13, 2014

Concussions make my head hurt

It isn't hard to figure out who has the concussions, as they are normally on the practice field, milling about but not wearing green non-contact jerseys. It should be a surprise that UGA is being more careful than in years past, concussions and their long term effects are at the front and center of possible litigation long term NCAA concern about player health.

The NCAA is requiring schools to report concussions, what steps they took in the wake of those concussions, and their resolutions. Medical evidence and Kurt Warner's career suggests that rushing a guy back on the field after a concussion can exacerbate the likelihood and symptoms of a second concussion. Considering Georgia's stance on other parts of player well being (think drug testing), it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are being very cautious with concussed players.

A rusty, but healthy, Ramik Wilson is far better than a Ramik Wilson sitting out because he suffered two concussions in training camp.

Does this seem like an abnormally high number of concussions for training camp?



paulwesterdawg said...

We need an indoor practice facility because every practice counts. Give me a break. Why not go swimming on rainy days instead of sunny days.

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