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August 7, 2014

Florida practice erupts into a brawl; best defensive player hurt

Will Muschamp just stares. From Swamp 24/7 reporter Thomas Goldkamp:
Goolsby just plowed through Anzalone. Dawson takes a swing at someone. Offense celebrates as someone powers past a DB. Hard to see who it was. Willis with great arms to shove Mike out of the way. Very powerful. Brawl on the far field with DBs and WRs, Pittman and someone else. Hargreaves comes out of the like limping badly. Getting checked out by trainers on ground. In big pain it looks like.
Other reports had Hargreaves getting carted off by two trainers. As it was noted, Florida had their share of injuries last year, too:
Here's hoping that jinx stays leaves Athens the hell alone. If Hargreaves misses significant playing time, that has to trump Mitchell's injury from last year, right?

Ed Note: If you want a good idea of the mindset of the average Gator fan right now, read the thread I linked to. They are salty. I have something lined up for the morning that I came across earlier this evening that is completely validated by the thread. 


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