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August 7, 2014

Sanford upgrades

Putting aside the piped music, which I am plenty not happy about, there are some changes coming that should enhance the game day experience at Sanford.

First and foremost is removing the partitions around tops of the 100 level:
100 Level Concourse
Partitions previously located at the top of each section in the 100 Level have been removed to allow for better sightlines and more light into the concourse area.
If you sit down there, you know exactly why. You are lined up to go down to your seat, then there is a roar and people rush to the three foot opening to see what happened, while granny is trying to navigate her first step down the aisle and dad is fighting three kids going out to the bathroom for the third time. Well done. And having more light in the concourse isn't a terrible thing either.

Second is the improved smart phone capacity:
DAS - Telephone Services
Phone carriers have installed a DAS (Distributive Antenna System) which will improve the fans' ability to make phone calls, send text messages and connect to their provider's 4G or LTE network.
I don't know what that is, but it sounds real. If it helps me keep up with scores beyond the seven games they keep rotating through on the score board, I'm good with that.

There are also more point of sale kiosks to get drinks and such being installed. I could quibble about the types of vendors they chose (Subway?), but I rarely eat at the game, so it doesn't matter to me unless they get Waffle House. Then it'd be on.



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