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August 28, 2014

Texas A&M practices Yell in South Carolina, hilarity ensues

One of the ongoing debates about Texas A&M joining the SEC revolves around their traditions and how 1924'ish out of the ordinary they are. Yell leaders, 12th man, coordinated cheers, hand signals, yell practice are all things we don't understand because it isn't our tradition. A&M clings to these things because they are theirs.  Yet, the one word you consistently hear about A&M fans is respectful.
Typical tailgate spot in Columbia

So it should come as no surprise that South Carolina Fan didn't take that display too kindly.

If you've ever been to South Carolina, or follow me on Twitter, you know that Columbia is a utopia of good breeding, manners, and well designed urban planning. Or the exact opposite of all those things. So Texas A&M decided to have Midnight Yell Practice at one of the nicer places in Columbia, the State Capital Building. The police had to clear the steps of garnet clad hecklers.

Gamecock fans have the attitude of New York Yankees coupled with the history of Wake Forest, with the exception that Wake Forest has won the ACC since the Gamecocks last did. Their version of trash talk begins and ends with 'I'll whip your ass right here!' And that is just from the nice older ladies.

If the SEC is a troop of Vermont State Policemen in Spurbury, South Carolina is Farva.

And South Carolina Fan showed it last night, yelling obscenities at Texas A&M fans gathered for Midnight Yell Practice. I'm all for trash talking opposing fans, but when your most creative cheer is derivative of 'bugger you,' all you are there for is to start a brofight. Just hope you don't get blood on your Stephen Garcia jersey, homie. Especially if you are Stephen Garcia.

Most telling was an Aggie's observation about his experience at LSU:
That wasn't meant as a compliment.

For a full rundown, check out Good Bull Hunting's social media rundown of Midnight Yell Practice in Columbia. There is also a video there.

Gig'em Aggies.


paulwesterdawg said...

Your strongest work ever. Brilliant.

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