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August 10, 2014

Todd Grantham has defense figured out

I agree with Blutarsky, the Louisville Defensive Stats Watch will be a fun one. Give him a white towel and five to seven bewildered defensive players looking over at him and magic happens. Especially with all the talk of intensity and passion:
Hey, that's my pie
Defense is about 1-on-1 matchups, guys that can play, how to fit those matchups, and trying to take the players that you have that can affect the game and put them in those positions. We’re going to do that with the players that we have. The big thing with me is we’ve got to play with the intensity we need to play, we need to play with the passion you have to have to be a good defense.
Don't be shocked if ESPN's percentage of houshold numbers in Atlanta for their opener against Miami on Monday, Sept. 1st are higher than in Louisville.


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