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September 26, 2014

3 Questions: Tennessee

  1. How much does Tennessee have success throwing the ball? If the Vols have a chance, they have to be able to complete longer passes. Teams have been able to do that against our secondary. The bigger issue facing Tennessee is keeping Worley from having to flee for his life. Their offensive line is young and hasn't looked all that great. Which plays right into Georgia's defensive strength.
  2. Can we grind it out? I mentioned the other day that no one can throw against our defense if our offense is on the field. It wouldn't surprise me to see us run the ball a bunch just to keep the defense on the side lines. Actually, that makes sense considering out running backs and what we've seen out of the passing offense. What worries me is that we give up some special teams scores and have to pass the ball.
  3. Can special teams remain special in a good way? The UT game was the start of some bad juju for Colin Barber, who got hurt on the blocked punt. Georgia has looked on the positive side of merely competent on special teams the first quarter of the season. Having another strong game will certainly go a long way in helping us win tomorrow.
Blutarsky pointed out something I've been mulling all week (while sitting in meetings without real internet), that being UGA is apparently much better than the Vols are. Even the eyeball test gives that impression, considering Georgia's two wins and one loss vs. Tennessee's two wins and one loss. Still, there is something about this game that has me concerned. 

Needing a Pig Howard fumble last year to pull out a win will do that to a man.


Hey berto said...

Out of all of these, the noon kickoff blues has me worried the most. Outside of that.. I'm optimistic we'll have our way with 'em tomorrow!

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