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September 22, 2014

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 4

  1. Alabama: We need to get hip to the possibility that Kiffin can coach offense a little.
  2. Texas A&M: A&M's fun time beating up really rich kids ends. 
  3. Auburn:  I'm still willing to give Auburn the benefit of the doubt after that dud in Manhattan.
  4. Georgia: Georgia still has pass defense issues, but with the running game they have, teams can't throw when their offense is on the side line.
  5. Mississippi State: Just manhandled a team that doesn't get manhandled, especially at home. 
  6. Ole Miss: As long as Bo Wallace is the QB, Ole Miss is going to Clemson a game or two.
  7. LSU: Les Miles nearly Les Milesed another win.
  8. South Carolina: The Gamecocks are close to being Georgia 2013, except Georgia's 2013 team wasn't 109th in scoring defense.
  9. Arkansas: This is the offense Bielema wants to run. If he finds a defense, the Hogs will make some teams miserable later this season.
  10. Florida: Agent Muschamp is on the clock. He'll need to win out to keep his job.
  11. Missouri: You know, Indiana isn't that bad of a....bwahahahahahah. You lost to Indiana, bro.
  12. Kentucky: At least they didn't lose this week.
  13. Tennessee: At least they didn't win this week.
  14. Vandy: The effort against South Carolina was very much what Vandy thought they were getting with Mason. Another one like this and the Commodores move out of the cellar.


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