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September 6, 2014

Coed Dickball

Which led to:
So I figured we needed a chapter outline:

Coed Dickball

Chapter One: "Baby Gamecocks aren't called Tallywackers"

Chapter Two: "Billy Leval leaves to go to Emory and Henry"

Chapter Three: "Futility and the Single Season Coaches"

Chapter Four: "ACC!ACC!ACC!"

Chapter Five: "Thank God George Rogers couldn't get into Georgia Tech"

Chapter Six: "The Man in Black isn't Always Bigger"

Chapter Seven: "Sparky Woods: Not a euphemism"

Chapter Eight: "1 and 10 is a lot to some people"

Chapter Nine: "Coed Penithball"

Chapter Ten: "Steve Spurrier makes it Official"

Seems about right.


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