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September 5, 2014

Georgia Tech might lose Saturday

Yesterday, I made some funny  about Georgia Tech-Tulane. Today, it got real:

Georgia Tech at Tulane
4 pm ET on ESPN News
Pete: Tulane 38 - 34
Chris: Georgia Tech: 27 - 14

Pete: Tulane is set to play its first game in brand new Yulman Stadium on Saturday afternoon on campus in uptown New Orleans. The Green Wave has found its quarterback of the future in Tanner Lee. Georgia Tech defensive coordinator Ted Roof is relying on a vast number of young and undersized players. Expect a great game that will be decided in the last four minutes of the game.

I'm not sold on the Ted Roof haz crayon aspect of the game, but Tech has shown the ability to lay down on teams that have a QB with the ability to work through multiple quick receivers. Should be a fun ride.



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