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September 12, 2014

Gurley and the Heisman

Folks are betting up Gurley. From Bovada's Sport Book Mangager, Kevin Bradley:
"While we are more likely to move off money and adjust to betting trends with something like the Heisman because of the subjectivity of it all and how it is not as mathematical as some of the other props we offer, that said, to move a Heisman candidate this much in two days is very unusual."
 NCAA 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the Heisman Trophy (Players in red have longer odds, players in blue have shorter odds, and players in black stayed the same)      
                                                              Odds on 9/2/14    Odds on 9/9/14    Current Odds   
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia)                     7/1                             7/1                              5/1
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)               11/2                           11/2                            11/2
Kenny Hill (QB Texas A&M)                16/1                           15/2                            15/2
Jameis Winston (QB Florida State)      11/2                           15/2                              8/1

No idea if this is a few big bets or many smaller bets, but for a bet that has usually has this kind of action, that is quite the move in two days.


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