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September 2, 2014

Heisman and NC odds: Gurley and Georgia trending up

Newly released from Bovada:

Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football FBS Championship (Teams in red have longer odds, teams in blue have shorter odds, and teams in black stayed the same)         
Odds on 8/27/14           Current Odds   
Florida State                             4/1                                9/2
Alabama                                   5/1                                7/1
Oregon                                     15/2                              8/1
Oklahoma                                 10/1                              9/1
Auburn                                      10/1                              10/1
Georgia                                    16/1                              12/1
UCLA                                        14/1                              14/1
LSU                                         22/1                              16/1
Ohio State                                20/1                              18/1
Texas A&M                               75/1                              18/1

Let's not get too worked up over this. All this means is money is moving off the top three to some of those other team, most notably Texas A&M.

NCAA 2014-2015 Season - Odds to win the Heisman Trophy (Players in red have longer odds, players in blue have shorter odds, and players in black stayed the same)        
Odds on 8/2714            Current Odds   
Jameis Winston (QB Florida State)                     9/2                    11/2
Marcus Mariota (QB Oregon)                              5/1                    11/2
Todd Gurley (RB Georgia)                                  14/1                  7/1
Melvin Gordon (RB Wisconsin)                           12/1                  10/1
Brett Hundley (QB UCLA)                                   10/1                  12/1
Bryce Petty (QB Baylor)                                     12/1                  12/1
Nick Marshall (QB Auburn)                                 12/1                  14/1
T.J. Yeldon (RB Alabama)                                  20/1                  16/1
Kenny Hill (QB Texas A&M)                                Off the Board    16/1

I'm surprised Kenny Hill didn't go higher. Also, note that only one running back has won the Heisman in the past ten years. It's been the era of the QB for some time now.


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